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30 Food bundle Flash Cards , Restaurant, Rewards food therapy, Kids Board Chart , Nomenclature, Montessori, Digital download, Printable.

30 Food bundle Flash Cards , Restaurant, Rewards food therapy, Kids Board Chart , Nomenclature, Montessori, Digital download, Printable.

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Introducing our Common Food Flashcards – a delightful and educational tool designed to make learning about different foods engaging and fun! These flashcards are perfect for children and adults alike, providing a visually appealing and informative way to explore the diverse world of food. Whether you're introducing your child to the basics of nutrition or simply exploring the vast array of foods available, our Common Food Flashcards are a delightful and effective educational tool. Make learning about food a joyous experience with these visually appealing and informative flashcards!

This design includes a set of common food flashcards. This set has 30 foods with a single image for each (total of 30 images). These flashcards could be used for educational purposes, therapy sessions, or just for fun with your kiddos. This product is a digital download, once purchased you will be given a PDF copy.

Below are the 30 foods that are included in this set:
1. Apple
2. Banana
3. Bread
4. Cake
5. Cereal
6. Cheese
7. Chicken Nuggets
8. Chips
9. Cookies
10. Corn
11. Cupcake
12. Doughnut
13. Eggs
14. Fries
15. Grapes
16. Hamburger
17. Hot Dog
18. Ice Cream
19. Oranges
20. Pancake
21. Pie
22. Pizza
23. Popcorn
24. Potato
25. Pretzel
26. Sandwich
27. Spaghetti
28. Strawberries
29. Taco
30. Waffle
- Enhances children's vocabulary and literacy skills by introducing them to new words associated with food.
- Develops visual discrimination skills as children learn to identify and categorize different food items.
- Stimulates critical thinking and problem-solving abilities as children engage in activities and games using the flash cards.
- Promotes creativity and imagination as children use the cards in pretend play or storytelling.

The PDF file will be 8.5 x 11 and each page will have a total of 4 images. Each image measures 4 x 6

Personal Use License:
We are pleased to grant you permission to use our design for use with your student or family member. We kindly ask that you refrain from sharing it with others.
If you feel others would benefit from our service, we would be grateful if you could let them know about us.
Commercial use is prohibited.

Digital Download:
This product is a digital download so no physical product will be shipped
Once your order and payment has completed you will have instant access to the PDF file

Ignite your child's curiosity about food and nutrition while fostering vocabulary development, cognitive skills, and healthy habits. Download our 30 Food Bundle Flash Cards today and embark on an educational journey that combines learning and play in the most delightful way!

Please note artificial intelligence was utilized in creating some of the design in this product

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Great for my husband's therapy.

Great for my husband's therapy.