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20 Vehicle Flash Cards Educational Cards for Kids and Teachers Printable Flash Cards for Kids Instant Download Print from home

20 Vehicle Flash Cards Educational Cards for Kids and Teachers Printable Flash Cards for Kids Instant Download Print from home

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Introducing our 20 Vehicle Flash Cards - a must-have for children of all ages! These printable Montessori cards are specially designed to enhance learning and promote interactive play. With vivid images and engaging content, these flashcards are perfect for homeschooling and can be instantly downloaded for your convenience.

This design includes a set of vehicle flashcards. This set has 20 vehicle flashcards with a single image for each (total of 20 images). These flashcards could be used for educational purposes, therapy sessions, or just for fun with your kiddos. This product is a digital download, once purchased you will be given a PDF copy.

Below are the 20 vehicle flashcards that are included in this set:
1. Airplane
2. Ambulance
3. Bus
4. Bicycle
5. Boat
6. Cement Truck
7. Car
8. Firetruck
9. Garbage Truck
10. Helicopter
11. Hot Air Balloon
12. Motorcycle
13. Police Car
14. Skateboard
15. Subway
16. Tractor
17. Train
18. Truck
19. Tricycle
20. Van

- Enhances Learning: The visually appealing images and clear labeling on each flash card facilitate the development of vocabulary and language skills.
- Interactive Play: Use these flash cards to engage children in interactive play, promoting imagination and creativity.
- Promotes Independence: With the Montessori approach, children are empowered to explore and learn at their own pace, fostering independence and self-confidence.
- Versatile Learning Tool: Whether used during structured lessons, free play, or therapy sessions, these flash cards provide a versatile learning resource for various educational settings.

The PDF file will be 8.5 x 11 and each page will have a total of 4 images. Each image measures 4 x 6

Personal Use License:
We are pleased to grant you permission to use our design for use with your student or family member. We kindly ask that you refrain from sharing it with others.
If you feel others would benefit from our service, we would be grateful if you could let them know about us.
Commercial use is prohibited.

Digital Download:
This product is a digital download so no physical product will be shipped
Once your order and payment has completed you will have instant access to the PDF file

Don't miss out on this valuable educational tool! Download our 20 Vehicle Flash Cards today and embark on a journey of interactive learning with your child. Invest in their early development and witness their language skills and imagination flourish. Start the adventure now!

Please note artificial intelligence was utilized in creating some of the design in this product

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